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Patricia brings decades of industry experience to the table along with an eagerness to seek out exciting new technologies in beauty that can bring out the best in clients’ skin. At Patricia’s Beauty Clinic, you’ll encounter a mature and trustworthy team dedicated to delivering an unforgettable experience where your wellbeing is paramount.

We’re well versed in the ways that your skin changes over time and from season to season and we tailor all of our treatments with that knowledge in mind. Our customers can attest to the warm individualised service we deliver and the ease with which we help them slip away and enjoy some much needed ‘me’ time in our care!

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Patricia Meister

Patricia Meister


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Hilary Reed


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Sun – A Burning Issue

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world and Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer in Australia. Over two thirds of Australians will develop some form of skin cancer during their lives. Fair-skinned people are at the highest risk.  Early...

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Microdermabrasion is a gentle and safe non-invasive treatment that results in smooth, fresh and cleaner skin. Microdermabrasion is recommended for a variety of skin conditions including fine lines, pigmentation, acne, scarring, blackheads, congestion and open pores,...

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Environ Skin EssentiA Range

The Skin EssentiA Range of products are Environ’s latest, most innovative skin care line that provides a complete skin care programme which is much more advanced than the Original Range. The Skin EssentiA Range has been scientifically researched and perfected to deliver a balance of Vitamin A and a variety of antioxidants, flavonoids and peptides.

The concentration of Vitamin A and C increases in the step-up system of the moisurisers and takes your skin to a much higher level than the Original Range. The AVST moisturisers assist in providing ideal nourishment to create the appearance of a smoother skin resulting in a youthful looking skin with a radiant glow.

The AVST moisturisers are endorsed by the prestigious Swiss Vitamin Institute ensuring that the client receives the highest quality product with the claimed vitamin content.

We do stock Environ products, however due to the high concentration of active ingredients we do not sell these products online. Please book a professional skin consultation in store so we can provide the appropirate product to suit you skin.